Day 1

Opening and Welcome Speech

Theme 1: Transfer of knowledge in an international environment
The International and National Co-operation for Train Driver Training of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation - Chinese Taipei
IFF, intercultural bridge between France and Morocco – France
Ethiopia Project - Italy
DB Rail Academy: Railway Training Implementation World-Wide - Germany

Theme 2: International Cooperation
Training and Educating the first High-Speed Rail Workforce in the U.S – The USA
Transfer of Knowledge in railway companies start-up - Italy
The future requirements for efficient engine driver training in an international environment – Austria/Switzerland
Broad exchange program for generating mutual impulses between JR Group und DB - Germany

Day 2

Theme 3: Innovation and Technologies: railway traffic
Challenges of education and training in the context of technological progress and changing job profiles - Austria
Training Traffic Controllers in Adif with State of the Art Simulation Technology - Spain
New learning technologies - Germany
Use of a digital model as a new learning device for railway traffic rules - France

Theme 4: National Cooperation
Features of Rail Education and Training Syllabus – Russia
National Railroad Workforce Development Consortium – The USA
Further training at universities - The best investment is the investment in lifelong learning - Germany
Young and professional: getting the best people on the train – The Netherlands

Theme 5: Safety Culture
Risks Prevention related to physical activity and ergonomics at the SNCF rolling stocks – France
Improvement of Safety Awareness – Japan
Psychological crisis management – Germany
Training of management as a strong lever for developing a culture of safety based on
Human and Organisational Factors - France

Theme 6: Learning Innovation
Intelligent Modelling of Interaction Mobile learning in Railway – Iran
New learning technologies and multimodal learning – Germany
Enhancing Classroom Training Activities through Blended Learning Process – Turkey
MLS - Mobile Learning and Support for Drivers and Conductors – Israel

Theme 7: Managers training
Coaching: a learning action for people and organisation – Italy
Mid-career rail professionals: new approaches for employee engagement - Australia and Switzerland
A new paradigm for Leadership Development at SNCF - France
Design thinking: innovative project management – SNCF

Theme 8: Drivers training and simulation
When do I apply the brake, mate? Conceptualisation of a simulator route learning aid for novice train drivers in Australia – Australia
Rail driving geographies: new insights into the constituent parts, plans and formalisms of route knowledge – Germany
Tribal Warfare – Aligning cultural factors for successful simulator implementation – Australia
Integrated engine drivers training for German high-speed line - Germany

Theme 9: Miscellaneous
Return on Investment (ROI) on a manager of road and railway infrastructure – Portugal
Professional reflective mobile personal learning environments – Germany
3A model for behavioural training of frontline staff of railways – India
Personal certification of management system experts – a means to enhance the mind-set for systematic management – Germany

CLARA - Clever und Aktiv in Richtung Alter – Cleverly and actively towards young age – Germany
Gameful learning – Germany
Promoting the culture of innovation through unconventional learning formats with the Startup Safari and the Innovator’s Toolbag – Germany
ERTMS – Yet another technology?
MEV - Simulation Cloud - Austria/Switzerland
Detecting "suspicious" behaviours at main railway stations – UIC
Action learning - Development of Railway Trainers - UIC
UIC – Simulation
Presentation of the EU Project Skillful

Day 3

Theme 10: Talent
Decrease of dropout rate on train driver courses - Austria
No talent no progress! An attitudinal study on rail careers with a sample of railway professionals - Thailand
Talent Development - Russia
UIC update on Railway Talents

Programme in a snapshot